Who is eligible to live at The Village?

Anyone within the NEOMED community is eligible to live at The Village – students, faculty, and staff.


What does it mean when you say “independent living”?

Although The Village is on the NEOMED campus, it is not managed by NEOMED.  You are not living in a college “dorm” but rather in an apartment environment.  Each of our tenants has their own bedroom, bath and study area, is responsible for their own rent payments and apartment upkeep.

However, NEOMED does link to our security system so that there is smooth transition with your current badge/key that allows access to The Village.  Campus security will also monitor the parking lots and common areas.


What is the difference between a one bedroom apartment and a two bedroom apartment?

In a two bedroom apartment, each person has a private suite consisting of a bedroom, study area, walk-in closet and bathroom. This area is able to be locked off for your privacy. Common or shared, space is the kitchen, living room, and entryway.

A one bedroom apartment consists of a private bedroom, bathroom, study area, kitchen and living room.


What is included in the fully furnished apartment?

Kitchen appliances including:

  • Electric stove/range/microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/Dryer

Living space furniture including:

  • Comfortable sofa
  • Leather accent chair(s)
  • Coffee and side tables
  • TV stand
  • Dining bar chairs
  • Window blinds
Private space furniture including:

  • Full-size double bed
  • Dresser and nightstand
  • Study area chair
  • Window blinds
  • Shower curtain rod


What is my private study area like?

Each resident has his/her own private study area located just off of their bedroom.  They are approximately six feet wide, with a full-width counter for a desk, one full length bookshelf above the counter with under-shelf lighting.  Each area also has a study chair and an Ethernet connection.


Is there a TV provided?

Televisions are not included.  However, Time Warner cable services are provided free of charge, along with a complimentary DVR box.   Additional services are available directly from Time Warner.  Coax cable connections are in each living room and bedroom.

Is there Wi-Fi and Internet service?

High speed wireless internet service is provided throughout The Village, including in your suite, study lounges and common rooms.  There is also an Ethernet connection in each private study area as well.


Are there parking fees?

The Village does not charge extra for resident parking.


Can I terminate my lease? 

A lease may only be terminated for those who are no longer a member of the NEOMED community.


How long is the lease?

All leases are written for an 11 1/2 month period, from August 1 – July 15, with 12 equal payments.


What does “individual leasing” mean?

Each resident has their own lease for their specific bedroom. So, if a roommate moves out, the other resident is not responsible for that person’s rent.


How do I pay my rent and when is it due?

Rent is due the first of each month, and may be paid by either a check or money order to the office or online by a debit or credit card through the resident portal. (Please visit the Residents tab to login.) NO CASH ACCEPTED.


How much is the Security Deposit and when is it due?

The security deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent. It is due on, or before, July 1 for the upcoming leasing year.


If I renew my lease for the following year, can I leave my personal belongings in my unit at the end of the lease term on July 15?

If you have renewed your lease for the following year, you may leave your belongings in your suite.


My financial aid paperwork is asking if The Village is “on” or “off” campus housing.

For these purposes, The Village is considered “off-campus” housing.